VIA Outlets aims to conduct its business in an ethical and sustainable manner.

However, if you have any grievance, i.e. complaints or doubts as to any decisions or actions by VIA Outlets, its employees, or its agents in this regard, you can communicate your grievance through this secure channel: [email protected].

For these purposes, there will be grounds for grievance whenever any of the following types of wrongdoing occurs:

o Committing a criminal offence;

o Failure to comply with a legal/statutory obligation;

o Endangerment of the health and safety;

o Damage to the environment;

o Social misconduct (such as racism, sexism or any kind of discrimination)

o Violation of VIA Outlets´ values and principles outlined in the VIA Outlets Policies, including, Bribery and Corruption;

o Financial fraud or mismanagement;

o Conduct likely to damage VIA Outlets’ reputation or financial wellbeing or unethical behaviour;

o The deliberate concealment of any information relating to any of the above.

Your grievance can be raised in any form, but it would really help if you shared specific facts. Any grievance filed through this channel will be taken seriously and will be investigated by our Compliance Manager. We will ensure that your grievance will be handled with confidence, that your identity remains confidential (where possible and if you prefer so) and that you are protected against any retaliation or detrimental action.

This grievance channel can only be used by external parties.

For your information, here’s the process which VIA Outlets follows in case a grievance is raised:

Step 1 (reporting)

You can report in writing via email channel: [email protected]. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your grievance within 7 days of the filing date.

Step 2 (confirmation of admissibility and investigation)

VIA Outlets´ Compliance Manager will inform you if your grievance is admissible for investigation and about your rights throughout the process.

An internal investigation will be carried out by VIA Outlets´ Compliance Manager or, where required, by the Head of Legal. You will receive updates on the status of your grievance and VIA Outlets´ Compliance Manager may ask for further details from you and is entitled to make further enquiries where needed, involving internal or external parties (depending on the nature of the grievance).

Please note that this channel is neither a general or commercial information channel nor a channel to raise commercial guest complaints. Any general or commercial queries raised through this channel will not be handled by the VIA Outlets´ Compliance Manager, but they will be forwarded to the responsible services department. For general or commercial queries please contact [email protected].

Step 3 (issuance of report)

Once the investigation is closed, the findings and recommended solutions will be reviewed jointly by VIA Outlets´ Compliance Manager and Head of Legal before a final report will be issued.

You will be informed about the outcome of the investigation as soon as the report is ready. Under normal circumstances VIA Outlets strives to conclude the grievance review and investigation process within 3 months from the date of filing (in complex matters this process may take longer).

Please note that where applicable, necessary measures will be taken and, where justified or required, the competent authorities will be informed.

* To send an anonymous email you can create an anonymous email account in any free platform e.g. https://protonmail.com

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