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Throughout the month of June, we will celebrate Pride Month with an art show of exclusive pieces created by local artists.

‘BE PROUD. BE YOU.’ is the signature of the initiative that celebrates pride in diversity, together with the LGBTQIA+ community and which will be present in the group's 11 outlets, located in 9 European countries.

Each country will be represented by a local artist and each piece takes the form of a puzzle brick, representing each person's personal experience, so that together, all the pieces tell a broader story that reflects a collective vision and experience. The giant puzzle brings together works of art from different geographical areas as well as various artistic techniques, but what they all have in common is the use of art as a medium to tell their personal stories.

Joana Estrela is the artist chosen to represent Portugal. Born in Penafiel, she is the author and illustrator of several books, graphic novels and fanzines as well as an award-winning artist. For the Be Proud. Be You. exhibition, Estrela presents a fluid and colourful image where two female figures can be seen in a deep embrace.

In addition to the nine works of art that will be on display, the art exhibition “Be Proud. Be You.” will also have an interactive component at both venues that will invite visitors to learn more about the cause and also to share their own personal experience.

At Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet we will have a wall with several pins, each associated with a word (friends, family, children, community, nature, etc.). There will also be coloured elastic bands, so that each guest can remove one and wrap it around the pins, forming their journey of self-discovery to this day.

In addition to the celebration through art, VIA Outlets and its centres will also make a donation to ILGA Europe, a non-profit organization that is pioneering

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